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Life Chiropractic North Royalton is a family Chiropractic office.  We love helping families achieve their health goals.  We see infants, kids, teenagers, adults and the elderly.  Dr. Keith is a 4th generation Chiropractor.  

We also have a Licensed Massage Therapist available by appointment during business hours.  

Flu Season

Flu Season


Soon the media and pharmacies are going to be talking about the “flu season.”  We are not going to talk about the Flu Vaccine during this post, but will shortly.  Today I want to point out some very cool history. 

You may have heard of the influenza epidemic of 1917-1918.  A massive amount of people died and most were told it was from the flu virus or pneumonia.  What is interesting is when we compare people under chiropractic care vs non chiropractic care we see drastic changes in deaths.  The medical group had 950 deaths per 10,000 cases and the chiropractic group had 25 per 10,000.  The stats for pneumonia were as follows; medical 6,400 deaths per 10,000 and chiropractic 100 per 10,000. 

How could this be?  Well did you know that when your spine and nervous system are functioning better, your immune system is functioning better.    So the question is did they die of the flu or was their immune system weaker?

Make sure you get checked regularly so you
are functioning optimally.  This is one of the reasons we use the scanning system is to tell how well you are functioning.   

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