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Life Chiropractic North Royalton is a family Chiropractic office.  We love helping families achieve their health goals.  We see infants, kids, teenagers, adults and the elderly.  Dr. Keith is a 4th generation Chiropractor.  

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Autism and Chiropractic

Here is another case study with improvement in Autistic symptoms under Chiropractic care.

Improvement in Autistic Behaviors Following Chiropractic Care:  A Case Series

Jesse Cleave BChiro , Joel Alcantara DC , Kelly Holt BSc(Chiro), PGDipHSc 

Journal of Pediatric, Maternal & Family Health - Chiropractic ~ Volume 2011 ~ Issue 4 ~ Pages 125-131

Objective: To describe two cases of individuals diagnosed with autism undergoing chiropractic care.

Clinical features: Case one involves a 20 year old autistic male who displays aggressive behavior towards others.  Case two is a 17-year-old autistic female who abuses herself.

Intervention and outcome: Both patients received a trial of chiropractic care for 5 and 4 months respectively with visit frequency of once per week.  Both patients responded favorably to chiropractic care with the male patient decreasing in aggressive behavior and the female patient decreasing in self-abuse and improved socialization. 

Conclusion: Two cases of individuals who suffered from autism are presented.  Each had favorable results after undergoing chiropractic care.  This case series provides supporting evidence that individuals with autism may benefit from chiropractic care.  More research is warranted in this area