Life Chiropractic North Royalton

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Life Chiropractic North Royalton is a family Chiropractic office.  We love helping families achieve their health goals.  We see infants, kids, teenagers, adults and the elderly.  Dr. Keith is a 4th generation Chiropractor.  

We also have a Licensed Massage Therapist available by appointment during business hours.  

Cracking Your Own Neck

Have you ever seen someone that constantly "cracks" their own neck?  Or has anyone ever told you, "I can crack my own neck.  I don't need a Chiropractor."  "Cracking" your own neck is not Chiropractic.  The "cracking" noise itself has nothing to do with Chiropractic.  "Cracking" your own neck can actually make your neck more unstable.  Chiropractic adjustments are very specific and a designed to only move the vertebra that needs to be adjusted.  Often times if someone needs to constantly "crack"  themselves they are not fixing the problem.  Doing this can make some of your joints unstable.  If this sounds like you, give us a call to see if you have been doing any damage.  Choose to be Amazing!!