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Life Chiropractic North Royalton is a family Chiropractic office.  We love helping families achieve their health goals.  We see infants, kids, teenagers, adults and the elderly.  Dr. Keith is a 4th generation Chiropractor.  

We also have a Licensed Massage Therapist available by appointment during business hours.  

New Bone Formation

As you read this you are going to be replacing millions of cells in you body, seriously!!  You are constantly replacing cells in you body.  This includes bone cells.  Every few years you technically have a new skeleton relative to a few years prior.  This means bone can change.  This means you arthritis or degeneration you have been told you have is not permanent.  Your arthritis and degeneration can change.  But if you want it to "improve" you need to make changes.  You need to change the function of your spine, the curves of your spine, your diet, your supplement regiment, your exercise, and even the way you sit to watch TV or play with your computer/tablet.  Changing arthritis and degeneration takes time and patience.  But it can change and should change.   Make sure it is changing the way you want it too.  If you have question on how to improve your arthritis and/or degeneration let us know.  Choose to be Amazing!!